My Everyday Makeup for Working Out (Sweat-proof, All Day)

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As a Pilates instructor, it’s crucial that my makeup lasts all day. I try to keep my makeup fresh, and natural. I like to wear just a touch of makeup, to make sure I still look polished and put together for the clients and classes I am teaching. Although we are #blessed to be able to wear fitness apparel all day long, I try to still put a little effort into my appearance, even before early morning classes.

I am currently trying to “clean” up my beauty products and routine and am looking for completely organic, natural products that don’t have any harmful ingredients. If you have any recommendations for favorite products, please leave a comment. I would so appreciate any recommendations! I’m still working through old products but, when it comes time to buy new ones – I will definitely take them in consideration.

Christie_March_Part2 (68 of 181)

Here’s a list of products I use:

Suntegrity 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen

I recently discovered this all natural sunscreen/tinted moisturizer (SPF 30) in San Diego. It provides a little more coverage than an average tinted moisturizer (like a light CC cream, it has enough coverage to still rub off if you use a tissue). This mineral based sunscreen uses zinc oxide as a natural sunscreen, and comes in a pretty wide range of shades for deeper skin tones. It has a mousse texture and isn’t super greasy or oily like most sunscreens are. Unlike other zinc oxide sunscreens, it blends in completely.

Here’s an additional review from The Beauty Proof 

Milani Eyeshadow Primer 

This super cheap drugstore eyeshadow primer has been one of my tried and true eye makeup products. I see a HUGE difference when I’m too lazy to put this on. This is a MUST in my eye makeup routine. I’ve been able to do a quick body shower (while rinsing my face) and have my eye makeup stay perfectly in place.

MAC Soft Brown Eyeshadow

For me, this matte warm brown shade is the perfect shade to create a slight contour. I use a big fluffy brush and just sweep it across the crease and through my lids to create a little bit of depth. I don’t use anything with too much shimmer as, I find that come across as too frosty.

Covergirl Mascara (any)

I’m not picky at all about my mascara. I tend to be brand loyal to Covergirl and pick whatever is the darkest shade and waterproof. I don’t wear this every single day as I have the shortest, stumpiest lashes and it doesn’t make the biggest difference. This is a “if I’m feeling fancy” add on!

Milani Liquid Eyeliner or Mally Beauty Waterproof Eyeliner

I use either eyeliner – one is a liquid pen eyeliner and the other a waterproof gel eyeliner pencil. Both stay all day but, I decide to wear one over the other based on the color (brown versus black) and ease. Eyeliner pencils are super easy for me (just a sweep across the lash line) while I usually create a wing with liquid liner.

And that’s it! I keep my routine simple and something that is easy to wipe off when I get my workout in. You will often find me working out with my eye makeup still on (just because it’s so hardy!) but, I will wipe off any face makeup I have on before I work out.


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