What I Eat in a Day/Day in My Life as a Pilates Instructor

Hello everyone!

So, I’m really nosy. I love watching “Day in my Life” videos on Youtube but, only about people who live a totally different lifestyle than I do. I probably just want to live vicariously through those people that I look up to in some sense. In case you’re curious, some of my favorites on Youtube are Sarah Lemkus, Ellen Fisher (Mostly raw, vegan mamas), Caitlin Shoemaker (food blogger), and Sarah’s Day (Australian fitness personality). Most of those women are hilarious, down to earth and make some bomb food. Inspired by them, I figured I’d share a “What I Eat In a Day” that also detailed what a day in my life could look like. As a fitness instructor, every day is different. From week to week, I have developed a routine but, it’s still always changing! For me the variety in my schedule keeps my career exciting and fresh. As some of you know, I started the #NoAddedSugarMarch challenge this month. I’ve been avoiding any refined and added sugars in my diet. I also am plant based, and love it! So here are a bunch of simple meal ideas that are sugar free/and plant based!

So, here’s a day in my life. Monday. March 5, 2018.

Christie_March_Part1 (20 of 97)

Today is a lighter day than normal in terms of class load. On days like this, I try to catch up on emails, plan my lessons for the week, and playlist for my group classes throughout the week. I try to keep 2 days of the week lighter and the other 3 on the busier side (teaching 7-8 classes a day).

6:30 AM: Wake up and get ready for the day (brush teeth, wash face, skincare etc). Right at the beginning of the day, I posted a video on Instagram to announce my group class schedule for the week.

6:45 AM: Make breakfast. Today I had two pieces of sourdough toast (bread made locally, no added sugars) with organic peanut butter from TJs (no added sugar, just peanuts), a sprinkle of chia seeds, and a sliced organic banana. I always have a little bit of green tea, in a Yeti mug! My husband and I both cut coffee out of our diets around November of 2017. We haven’t looked back since!

Snapseed 2

7:20 AM: I left to teach a couple of privates in the Back Bay area of Boston. I bike commute around this time of year, so it takes about 20 minutes to get there on my bike. Especially if the weather is nice, my commute is so much enjoyable above ground than below on the subway. I love that Boston is such a walkable/bikeable city!

8 AM- 9 AM: I met and taught a new client who is running the Boston Marathon and looking for Pilates to help her cross train! It was so much fun to educate her on how Pilates works, especially for runners.

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM: Another private client! This one is a postnatal client so, I shifted my focus to more inner thigh, TA work.

10:30 AM – I picked up a salad at SweetGreen and bike commuted back home.

11:00 AM- Eat lunch! I prefer to eat an earlier lunch and have a small snack around 3-4 PM. I usually eat dinner around 8 PM, which is on the later side. My lunch today consisted of a salad from Sweet Green – custom made with kale, spinach as the base, tomatoes, spicy broccoli, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, beets, falafel and the Miso Sesame Ginger Dressing. I double checked and the dressing is sugar free, there’s a touch of agave! I also had a foamy tea latte (with homemade cashew milk!) and a medium sized Lady Alice apple. Over lunch, I caught up on social media (added some stories, worked on blogging and answered emails). I also spent some time detailing and planning some private sessions on my phone. I like to keep track and plan out sessions for everyone so they’re getting the best workout possible!

Snapseed1:00 – 2:20 PM- Time for my workout! I ran outside for a total of 6 miles. I warmed up for 1.5, ran for 3, cooled down for 1.5.

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM- I see a few clients on my reformer in my apartment in Cambridge. If you’re curious about that, please see this page. https://christiewang.co/studio/

4:30 PM – Time for a quick snack! I had a few grapes, and an apple. If I don’t have access to fresh fruit, I’ll often grab a Lara Bar or some of my homemade oat bars. Right now I’ve been loving the Carrot Cake Lara Bars, they have a hint of walnut and pineapple and a super cinnamon-y taste! In the past, I’d have another type of energy/protein bar which would have rice syrups, or added sugars. During this time, I did some last minute preparations for my class and some household chores (folding laundry, organizing etc).


6:35 PM – 7:20 PM – I took the T over to Equinox Franklin Street and taught a group Pilates mat class for 45 minutes.

8 PM- I called my family on the way home and then it was dinner time! We usually like to meal prep a few things in bulk at the beginning of the week so meals are super simple. I was craving something really easy. Today’s meal was just a mixture of brown rice, frozen broccoli water sautéed with some kale and garlic, and some prepped black beans (cooked from dry in the Instant Pot with an onion). I topped it off with a tablespoon or two of sauerkraut and some plain pickles – I have a weird love for sour foods! I usually spend the next hour catching up on emails, social media and with my husband (if he’s home!). This is also when I’ll read or watch TV/Youtube videos! And if I’m still hungry, I’ll often have another piece of fruit for dessert (in the past this is when I’d have some vegan desserts!).


9:00 PM – I start to get ready for bed with the aim to be asleep by 9:30 PM. Usually it looks more like going to bed before 10 PM. My wake up call for Tuesday is 4:40 AM!

And that’s a day in the life of me as a fitness instructor. A lot of running around from place to place, preparing for clients, and working out and eating – my favorite!


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