My Weekly Fitness Routine


Every week is different. I am constantly surrounded by studios, gyms and more so, this might look like a “lot of working out.” Keep in mind that this is my job so, I don’t necessarily “recommend” this to everyone. If you have a full time job, my best recommendation is to pick a workout that is efficient and helps you meet your fitness goals. It’s so important to pick a sustainable routine – something that you feel like you can stick to day after day.¬† Generally, because I am not training for a race, I like to do a good mix of workouts but my primary focus is still Pilates and running. I’ve been sprinkling in more strength training (with weights) and like to do a Yoga class once a week. So.. here’s a peek into week of workouts. This is my plan for this week.


Everyone has a different perspective on what the “best” workout is. From my point of view, health is about picking an activity you love doing, so that it’s sustainable. Find some things that you love and stick to it. Don’t overthink it. My best advice for someone who just wants to start to get in shape is to just build a baseline of exercises that you love. Create a routine (3x a week) and start to incorporate working out with friends!


What does your weekly workout routine look like?


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