Our Wedding Day

Today’s post is a personal one. In the midst of the winter season engagement fervor, I can’t help but remember my own special wedding day. On September 29, 2017, I married my college sweetheart after four years of dating. Although this isn’t “fitness related,” I thought it could be helpful to share some of the vendors I chose to use. And it’s a great excuse to share some of our beloved wedding photos. ūüėČ Stay tuned to the end of the post for my best fitness advice to get ready for the wedding.

Venue 0X0A10340X0A1037


We chose to get married at Fruitlands Museum located about 40 minutes from Boston in Harvard, MA. We knew we wanted a local Boston wedding, as we met and got engaged here. But, I desperately wanted an outdoor ceremony so, we took our search outside the city. We stumbled upon Fruitlands Museum after visiting 7-8 other venues and just knew it was the one. It was a no frill, no fuss outdoor venue that provided all the rustic charm I wanted with the ease of full coordination and catering included. (Another plus: Fireside Catering provides amazing service, coordination, drinks and food!).

Wedding Photographer


Two of the most important things for the wedding day were the venue and an amazing photographer to capture the moment. After a long search (I’m picky!), we were blessed to find Tiffany Von Photography. I wanted a light, dreamy vibe that captured emotion and sentiment well. Tiffany was incredibly professional, friendly and warm and did an incredible job with our photos. She gives great direction when it comes to posing so, don’t worry about feeling “awkward” in front of the camera. A big thing that sets her apart is that she puts a lot of focus on the little details of your wedding. These are things you might have missed (like I had no idea what our centerpieces looked like until after the wedding!) during your wedding.


Tip: I used Instagram (searched things like #bostonweddingphotographer) to find photographers. It gave me a good idea of their best work, their vibe and their personality. Would highly recommend! You can also stalk some of their other clients and their past work!

Our Florist

I had big ideas for our flowers. I didn’t want to do just the traditional bouquets and centerpieces. I wanted to find a florist who had a whimsical style that was still classic. Since our wedding was in fall, I loved the idea of using dahlias (a flower that Emmanuel has bought me plenty of times through Fivefork Farms) on our special day. Sweet Annie Floral Design was the answer to our prayers. Beyond our centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres, she built an arbor, garland for our sweetheart table and a wooden structure that added a special touch to our ceremony.


Hair + Makeup + The Dress


I decided all of these details early in the wedding planning process. Once I settled on the venue, wedding dress shopping and makeup artist shopping happened quickly! After searching through every Boston based bridal boutique and finding nothing, I headed home to the bridal boutique my sister found her dress at. I was skeptical as I had tried on at least 50 “nos” but found this dress and knew it was the one.

Hair + Makeup: Min-ah Campos

The Dress: Essense of Australia Style D2298, purchased from Max Bridal NY in Long Island, NY

Getting Fit for the Wedding


My best piece of advice is¬†to not stress about it. I know everyone wants to look their best the day of…and for the rehearsal dinner… and for your tropical honeymoon. But, realistically, you probably are already so stressed planning the wedding, going on a crazy restrictive, over exercising diet is not the way to go. My best advice is to add one easy extra thing/rule to both your fitness routine and nutrition. So, for example, a nutrition thing could be – replace breakfast with a big green smoothie or no processed sugars. You can add in an extra spin class every week or start doing Pilates privates to get extra toned arms and abs for the wedding day. For my wedding day, I (non intentionally) was running the Chicago Marathon 2017 the week after my wedding so, I had plenty of fitness goals to keep me accountable. I reduced my sugar intake the month or 2 before my wedding. Keep it simple, and make it something you can do consistently. Don’t fret and cut out all carbs. Please. #BreadisLife

A complete list of our vendors. A big THANK YOU to all of them for their hard work:


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